PPSSM relies entirely on donors and the approach is to create a large corpus fund, the interest of which allows the Trust to support all the efforts undertaken. While we have been fortunate to see many donors come forward in the past, we wish to achieve a lot more in the coming years and increase the influence.  PPSSM hopes to adopt many more children and contribute towards shaping their future through education.

We accept donations under 3 schemes. The idea is to build a corpus for each scheme, so that the interest on the corpus sustains the efforts for which the scheme is targeted.


The interest on this amount
allows us to cater to yearly
expenses for one child with
regards to uniform, books,
stationery etc., which is
required on a day-to-day basis
in the school.

The interest on this amount allows
the donor to choose any one
day where food expenses for
the boarding schools can be
catered to.

This scheme was started on Silver
Jubilee Year of PPSSM. This
amount will go to corpus,which will
help the Trust to increase the
honorarium every year to teachers
of unaided schools. The trust
believes that the teachers play a
very crucial role in the overall
progress of the children and the
school. They are currently
underpaid for their services, which
the trust hopes to improve.
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