Pujya Rukmabai Tallur also fondly known as Rukmakka, founded the Punyatama Prabhakar Sharma Seva Mandal on 26th January 1986, as a homage to her brother, freedom fighter and social activist, with a vow to continue his life's mission of helping the poor.

She was a teacher and a firebrand social activist, who believed that Spreading the Word of Literacy, would not only help improve the lives of the underprivileged, but also give them self respect in a society that was ridden with societal differences.

She began teaching at Seva Sadan in 1940, and was convinced that by teaching Hindi Rashtrabhasha, would help in mobilizing masses towards the Freedom Struggle. Thus starting the Hindi Movement. She also conducted complimentary Hindi classes to students and women in Mumbai. She played a pivotal role in setting up the Bambai Hindi Prachar Sabha. At the age of 60, she spent most of her time in Alandi, in Maharashtra, teaching impoverished students, and began the open library to encourage reading.

At the age of 81,she started Punyatma Prabhakar Sharma Seva Mandal to continue the noble work introduced by her brother. She went door-to-door collecting funds, clothes, books and uniforms for the charitable trust & donated them to the underprivileged, who were thirsty for knowledge but did not seek the opportunity to educate due to lack of funds.

The Trust started with 13 members paying Rs.500/-. Pujya Rukmabai Tallur, herself collected 2 lacs as corpus in the first year alone.

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